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Quick Tricks In Crochet

If you like to crochet, then you are going to love the patterns provided in this eBook.
Quick Tricks in crochet consists of 30 vintage crochet patterns that are in the public domain. These projects make great gifts for loved ones and great selling items at your next craft show or bazaar.
List Of Patterns:
Chair Set
Crochet this lovely chair set for new brides, and old friends.

Curtain Edging
These curtains can be crocheted quickly to bring eye pleasing pleasure to any room.

Grape Doily
Fond memories await you as you create this grape doily just like grandma used to make.

Heart Napkin Holder
This napkin holder is perfect for fine parties and makes a great gift for loved ones.

Hot Plate Mat and Napkin Holder Set
Your table setting will the best in town once you crochet this fantastic ruffled plate mat and holder set.

Pot Holders
These flower pot holders are quick to crochet, and make great selling items for your shows and bazaars. These can be crocheted in an evening.

Rolling Pin Cover
This rolling pin cover makes décor for your wall, that's perfect for hanging your pot holders from.

Oval Soap Holder
Plaid Soap Holder

These two soap holders can be crocheted within an hour, and make fine gifts for loved ones. Use as gift basket fillers, or add homemade soaps and candles for a lovely and romantic gift.

Beaded Mules
Trimmed Scuffs
Wool Slippers

These patterns for fantastic footwear are sure to delight teens of all ages. Makes great gifts for showing off those painted toenails and toe rings.

Oval Bib
Daisy Bib

Your baby or toddler can protect their clothing in style when these wonderful bibs grace their necks. These are super fast to crochet, and perfect for baby showers, craft shows and gifts for any baby in your life.

Floral Hanger
Striped Hanger
Two-tone Hanger

Protect your clothing from rust and wrinkles by using these padded and decorative hangers. Covers are easy to crochet, so easy that any beginner can master these quickly in an evening.

Red Moth Disk Holder
Yellow Moth Disk Holder

Moth disk holders may be out of style, but seniors still love these as gifts. For the modern family, these holders can be used as sachets scented with fine fillers to scent homes and automobiles.

Sunbonnet Sachet
Picture Hat Sachet

These sachets can be made to scent homes or automobiles. They also make great pincushions. These are perfect for craft shows, bazaars and mini craft shops.

Ballerina Doll
Cowboy Doll
Josephine Doll

These dolls are sure to delight any boy or girl. They provide great detail, and are easy to crochet. Create these and provide hugs, joy and smiles to children as they love these cherished dolls as they would a best friend.

Tumbler Jackets
Floral Jacket
Green Jacket
Robinette Jacket
Rose Jacket
Scalloped Jacket
Yellow Jacket

These tumbler jackets can be adapted to fit around any size glass that has no handle. These are quick to crochet, and provide great gifts as well as wonderful décor for your own home.

As you can see, there is a fine selection of patterns provide in Quick Tricks to crochet. Order today, download today and start crocheting new and exciting projects today.
To Your Success
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